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September 29th -October 1st 2017 ​​

When to make the meals, foods, snacks, and liquid nutrition...

Here is a good timeline on when to prepare the following

 whether you make or buy all, some, or none of the following

Coming Soon: Schedule for Food Prepartion forYoga Camp

Trish 'Prema' talks about getting refined processed sugars and foods out of the diet. Bringing an understanding of Ayurveda in regards to foods, tastes, the elements, seasons, and the divine intelligence within nature that must guide how we relate and eat food. She also recaps the 6 steps of her Food is Medicine...Eating is Ritual Program.

Trish 'Prema' is a Yoga of Health Practicioner utilizing the ancient science of yoga and Ayurveda to help her classes, workshop and retreat attendees, and clients to reach optimal health of longevity, radiance, and vitality.

Empowering individuals to return back and within to really listen to the intelligence within our cells and within nature. It is from this level of living and this level of consciousness that one can really reach optimal health and potentialize ones life force in this lifetime...such is the path of Yoga and Food is Medicine...Eating is Medicine!