Food Plan

Temple Foods Pavillion will be providing:

Tulsi and Herbal Chai Teas, Trail Mix, and Fresh Fruit daily

  Saturday w/ your dinner:  Indian Lentil/Dahl Soup w/ fixings of cilantro, dollop of yogurt, hempseeds, and lime

 Sunday breakfast: Ancient porridge  w/ fixings of cinnamon, coconut shreds, dates, currants, and nut milk




 For Yoga Camp, we invite you to move toward organic, nourishing, plant-based, gluten-free, meals that support proper absorption of nutrients and detoxification of toxins.  It is a weekend spent rejuvenating our health cleansing from caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, drugs, refined sugars and processed food products. To help the body/mind systems to function at a higher level and to feel that our healing and health potential lies in our hands, is the intention!  Please choose the level that best meets your needs at this time!


Feel free to choose from any or all to mix and match so that eating and packing for camp is healthier and more ecologically sensible for you & the planet!

Level 2:

​Grounded and Committed

You will be cooking your own super nutritious meals and feasting on super satisfying foodS that support LIver & Digestive functions.

Suggestions and Recipes Coming Soon!

Saturday Lunch:

Saturday Dinner:

Sunday Breakfast:

Sunday Lunch:

Plus bring 3-4 smoothies, juices and sacred cocoa for those times you might need to nibble. Bring a little sea salt to add to our water for Soule which is more hydrating than plain water.

Pack it all in glass containers in your ice chest with a big block of ice. Don't forget your water bottle.

​Click below for Recipes:

Level 3:

Advanced Liquid Nutrition 

You will be giving your digestive system a much needed rest while still taking in high nutrition. This is the best level for enhancing meditation. Bring the Following:

*Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for Shots *Teas

*Raw Organic Veggie Juices

*Superfood Smoothies

*Lots of Water

Pack it all up in your ice chest with a big block of ice. Don't forget your water bottle!

When the Temple Foods Kitchen is serving Dahl Soup or Porridge you might decide to enjoy those.

   Y o g a  C a m p  S o n o m a

Co-creating a spiritual experience in nature, a community of presence, and a platform for change!

September 29th -October 1st 2017 ​​

Level 1:

Healthy But on the Run

You will be purchasing your food to bring. Buy only organic and bring your own bags to the store to make the shopping trip more eco-friendly.

3-4 Boxed Salads from your local salad bar (dressing on side so it doesn't wilt). Skip any meat, bread or dairy items. For protein, look for beans, nuts, seeds, tempeh. Buy a jar of naturally fermented sauerkraut or kim chi (Wild West and Sonoma Brinery are examples of good brands and they feature many different types of vegetables).

2-4 freshly pressed juices that emphasize greens

2-4 smoothies emphasizing superfoods (such as coconut butter, cocoa, goji berry, spiralina)

​8-10 power balls (little balls of protein and good fat with superfoods)

If you have time the Nectary in the Barlow Center in Sebastopol is a great place to buy your juices and smoothies. The Nectary, Oliver's and Whole Foods all carry power balls.

Transfer everything to glass containers so you limit your exposure to the xeno-estrogens the plastics give off and put them in your ice chest with a big block of ice. Don't forget your water bottle!