Y o g a  C a m p  S o n o m a

Co-creating a spiritual experience in nature, a community of presence, and a platform for change!

September 29th -October 1st 2017 ​​

We enter the labyrinth with our many, unique, individual journeys  spiraling back to the ONE!

Trish Pascual 'Prema' & Gaya Shelton-Ostadi (co-founders of Yoga Camp Sonoma)

New for 2017: 3 Day Beginner's Mind Program: Come a day early and join the Yoga Camp teachers for a personal introduction to the practices of yoga. You will receive hands on instruction in correct and safe alignment in yoga postures, an introduction and beginners practice for meditation, introduction to the call and response chanting of kirtan and a special introduction to our Food is Medicine program. You will also be paired with a yoga teacher who will be your touchstone during camp. To sign up go to the registration page.

2015  ​Photovideo Journey

Yoga Camp 2016 Photo Journey