Arrival & Check in: 

3 Day Beginner's Mind Program

Friday, Sept 29, 2017


You will check in, set up your tent or RV and then join the introductory yoga programs. 

2 Day Regular Program

you can arrive 5:00-6pm on Friday Sept 29 or

8:30-9:30am on Saturday, Sept 30

We have some informal programs Friday evening including a starlight meditation. Official programs start at 10am on Saturday morning. Bring additional meals for Friday night and Saturday morning. 

Saturday, Sept 30th, 2017


This will give you time to set up your tent and be ready by 9:45am to participate in our first all camp activity. 

When you arrive you will go through the main gate and if there is an campground attendant there, simply tell her/him that you are with Yoga Camp Sonoma, they will direct you to our site, Group Site D. Once you reach our parking lot, look for the check-in table near the chalk mandala on the ground. Go there first and you will get instructions for setting up your camp.

Some people will be tenting and some will be camping in vehicles. 


The tents can be set up anywhere along the lighted pathway which is the axis of camp. We also have a few spots that are more secluded for those who are confident campers and want to create more silence in their camp experience. If you paid for a tent, one will have been set up for you and the person at the check in table can direct you to it. You will need to bring bedding and something to provide cushioning (cardboard, several yoga mats, foam) under the bedding.


For those sleeping in vehicles, they will be parked along the perimeter of the camp on an asphalt surface. 

***All sites are within a 2-3 minute walk to the restrooms. We encourage you to glamp (glamour+camp) by bringing a few touches to adorn your accommodations. 

​​Camp Map


What to bring:

1. Shelter Tent or Vehicle to sleep in (unless you have asked for a tent to be set up)

2. Bedroll  (sleeping bag or blankets and pad of some sort)

3. Meditation cushion  (or thick pillow…or in a pinch you can roll up your yoga mat)

4. Rain gear just in case

5. Zen Mess Kit  (a few dishes that you will use for your food, utensils and a dishtowel—all washable and re-useable). Make sure to bring a serving tray to carry your bowls and utensils on once they are full. We will supply a dishwashing system to clean and sanitize your dishes after each meal.

6. Non-disposable water bottle There is filtered water from the Lake on site.

7. Ice chest with a solid frozen block of ice  (you can use a half gallon milk carton and freeze it a few days before you leave). 

8. Your food which you have made or purchased on your food plan (level 1, 2 or 3).  See the Yoga Camp Programs/Food Programs page to select your Level and plan your food. Any additional food which you wish to have along with you. We will eat together two meals per day, monastery style. In keeping with the camp value of living lightly on the earth, buy and pack your food with minimal packaging. You will be asked to take all of your refuse (except for compostable matter) home with you, so think ahead. If you are arriving Friday afternoon, you will need food for Friday evening and Saturday morning.

8. Yoga mats  (2 if possible for extra padding on hard surfaces)

9. Instrument  Friday evening we will host an informal kirtan & meditation for those who can join us that evening. Bring an instrument if you have one or a shaker. If you would like, you can lead a song.

10. Flashlight  This will be your way of navigating in the dark. Because we are outdoors, there is limited lighting after sunset. Any flashlight will do (make sure you batteries are good!) but headlamps are especially good as they leave your hands free. The bathrooms have indoor lighting. And the main camp path will be lit with solar lights.

11. Clothes for yoga and hiking (including walking shoes). Think layers. We are expecting Highs in the low 80s and and Lows in the high 40s.

12. Biodegradable toiletries (castille soaps/shampoos/etc…). There are showers available should you wish to take one.

13. Sun protection (sunscreen and especially a hat).

14. First Aid Kit

15. Anything that glamourizes your accommodations without making trash. Re-use, upcycle!

16. Notebook and pen   Have a stack of used printer paper with one good side?  A cheap and easy notebook can be made by cutting it to the desired size and stapling along one edge.​

Registration & Camp Details

   Y o g a  C a m p  S o n o m a

Co-creating a spiritual experience in nature, a community of presence, and a platform for change!

September 29th -October 1st 2017 ​​