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June 21st - June 22nd


Shanti Devi, RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Health Transformation Coach

Students of all levels, particularly those looking for a full spectrum, attainable approach to their yoga and health practices, enjoy working with Shanti Devi.  With a deep passion for preventive medicine and self care, Shanti encourages her students to discover their way to foundational health by taking an Inner Journey.  Using clear, concise instruction and demonstrations students are guided to practice in a way that fits their individual abilities and needs, encouraging curiosity in the process, seeking progress in place of perfection.  Being a total health nut since her early teens Shanti became a Certified Fitness Instructor at the age of 20 and Personal Trainer at 25.  When she discovered Yoga she fell in love with this ancient practice and wanted to share it with the world!  Shanti gained her foundational yogic teachings through the Sahaj Tradition, then amplified her skills by becoming a TriYoga Basics Instructor.  As a teacher, healer and seeker of knowledge and wisdom she also holds certifications in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.

Named Gayatri by a yogic nun, Gaya devotes herself to the beauty of nature. Her most profound experiences have been outdoors and away from cities. In her yoga practice as a teacher and yoga therapist, she helps people to cultivate a deeper connection to inner and outer nature guided by physical sensations, feelings & thoughts, and the inputs of the senses. Her aim is to help people strengthen their intuitive centers by touching the expanded field of the universe. She trained and got certified as a Yoga Teacher (E-500RYT) & Yoga Therapist through Ananda Seva Guru Kula (a modern yoga school based on the yogic teachings of P R Sarkar). She is also deeply steeped in the wisdom school of Ridwhan (also called Diamond Heart Approach.. a school which blends sufism, buddhism and western psychology). At the Solstice Camp she will lead "Into the Wilderness: Asana and Meditation"...an extended yoga practice beginning with asanas that warm and open the body, then progressing to an approach that will align us with our animal & plant natures. After exploring movement, and a deep rest, she will lead the group through a nature-based meditation. The whole experience is an opportunity to deeply align with nature. 

Teacher Biographies 

Hannah trained in Iyengar, Sivananda and Synergy Yoga at the University of Michigan, European Center for Yoga and the Yoga School of Washington, D.C. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level, so her classes can provide CEUs for other yoga teachers. Hannah completed her  M.A. in Counseling Psychology in 2005 and has worked as a somatic psychotherapist since then. Hannah will be offering a class called Trauma-Informed Yoga which focuses on re-regulating the sympathetic nervous system (which may be dysregulated after trauma), strengthening the body and soothing the soul. In addition to breathing, relaxation, stretching and strengthening, these classes can include acupressure, vagus nerve release (to shift out of fight or flight response) and iRest Meditation/Yoga Nidra, a research-based effective method for trauma release.

​Brenda Kobrin

Shanti Devii

Trish Pascual 


Hannah Caratti

Gaya Shelton-Ostadi

Brenda Kobrin has loved practicing yoga for over three decades and has been trained in the Sahaj style with Ananda Seva Mission of Santa Rosa. She was also trained in Restorative Yoga at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She brings to her teaching style a deep appreciation for these bodies that we live in and she inspires her students to love, honor and care for their bodies no matter how they are showing up. She helps guide students to a deeper awareness of their bodies and minds and to practice at whatever level is right for them at the moment.

Trish Pascual 'Prema' (E-500RYT) has been a yoga practitioner in Santa Rosa, CA with a loyal clientele for over 9 years . The majority of whom participate in her structural yoga classes, food is medicine workshops, living yoga retreats, and bi-weekly meditations that focus on yoga psychology and ethics.  She came into teaching first as a high school social studies teacher with her B.A in History and M.A in Education. What propelled her into teaching the ancient science of yoga was her innate calling to empower individuals to reach their highest potential!  Helping people embody their most true, divine essence or ATMA is core to her work. In so doing, she says: We as a species reach our highest expressions of love and community!  It is from this divine love that she was given the name 'Prema'.