Y o g a  C a m p  S o n o m a

*A Spiritual Experience in Nature      *A Community of Presence      *A Platform for Change!

June 21st - June 22nd



Thank you so much for everything. 

My sister and I had a wonderful time and learned a lot at the camp. 

The food as medicine workshop was great.
We loved the delicious and healthy food, amazing.
Yoga, Meditation, Asana classes along with the storytelling thru haiku. Singing the enlightening songs by the campfire under the starry sky was heartwarming and the fire

dancing was spectacular.

Thank you for giving us an unforgettable camp at a beautiful setting.

Best regards,  Kim & Chuc    

"We had a great time this weekend.  

Very nice group of people got together enjoyed yoga, meditation, food, and fun.
Thanks again and see you in next event".

Bahar, Oleg, Anton & Sofia ​


Kirtans, the overall SPIRITUAL FOCUS was truly amazing

for me to experience and I was touched. I didn't know there would be so much emphasis on that. I really hope that you always have that.
 I found yoga camp to be delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I now feel connected to a lovely yoga community.

Linda Ezell

With my busy work week it is nice to have no phones or TV for a weekend. Very relaxing. I came for the yoga and enjoyed it. The food meditation and discussion was very enlightening for me. The food itself was very delicious and filling, which helped me reset my stomach size and appetite for the week following. I think that to maintain a healthy living lifestyle, ongoing support would be desireable, which is why quarterly retreats would be desireable for me. Community is important, I probably don't value it enough.
Yoga Camper